• SA-20TA

SA-20TA – Horizontal Air Sucking Band Sealer

Product Number:SA-20TA
Horizontal Air Sucking Band Sealer SA-20TA performs well for a wide range of products packaged in pre-made, open mouth heat sealable bags. They can be customized for your application and performance requirements. It comes with an air sucking function that allows to reduce air in the bag by up to 50-80%.
  • Dimensions 1440 x 600 x 1020 mm (LxWxH)
    Conveyor belt size 1140 x 200 mm (LxW)
    Electrical 100 to 230 VAC /1 Ph / 50/60HZ
    Infeed direction Left to Right (standard)
    Bag thickness Up to 0.7 mm
    Sealing height 760 mm / 860 mm
    Sealing speed 8 m per min (fixed speed)
    Temperature range 0-399 degrees Celsius
    Sealing width Standard 10 mm (5/15/20mm available)
    Conveyor width 200 mm (can be custom-made)
    Conveyor loading weigth 15 kg
    Blower air volume Max. 1.45 m³/min


    Variable Speed 0-12 m/min (H)

    Stainless steel body (S)

    Dry Ink Coder (I)

    Ribbon Coder (R)

    Counter (C)

    Conveyor width 300 mm or 400 mm

    Infeed direction: right to left