SA-20AZ (1)
  • SA-20AZ (1)

SA-20TAZ – Horizontal Vacuum Band Sealer

Product Number:SA20-TAZ
Horizontal Vacuum Band Sealer, SA-20TAZ, features a powerful vacuum pump that allows to reduce air content of the bag by up to 90%. Vacuum-sealed bags extend shelf life, protect against corrosion. Reduction of bags’ volume allows to create more compact packages.
  • Dimensions 1440 x 600 x 1020 mm (LxWxH)
    Conveyor belt size 1140 x 200 mm (LxW)
    Electrical 100 to 230 VAC /1 Ph / 50/60HZ
    Infeed direction Left to right (standard)
    Bag thickness Up to 0.7 mm
    Sealing height 760 mm / 860 mm
    Sealing speed 8 m per min. (fixed speed)
    Temperature range 0-399 degrees Celsius
    Sealing width Standard 10 mm (5/15/20mm available)
    Conveyor loading weigth 15 kg
    Vacuum pump air volume Max. 6.1 m³/min (50 Hz)





    Variable Speed 0-12 m/min (H)

    Stainless steel body (S)

    Dry Ink Coder (I)

    Ribbon Coder (R)

    Counter (C)

    Two heaters (F)

    Conveyor width 300 mm or 400 mm

    Infeed direction: right to left